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Who Are VR Fun, Inc?
VR Fun, Inc. is South Florida’s first, dedicated virtual reality entertainment equipment rental company, where you can find the best cutting-edge VR technology and experiences the world has to offer.

We believe VR, by way of themed "VR nights" at your establishent, will fundamentally change the way people will see your establishment, create some organic buzz for you both online and within the community, and garner new business for you overall. VR is a fun, interactive experience that can be shared by all who participate, and is a great way to have fun with friends or even meet some new ones!

It’s our goal to have people stay longer and spend more in your venue, while simultaneously turning you into a local hotspot. You've tried local bands, comedians, speed-dating events and trivia nights...amplify the fun by adding a VR night to your weekly rotation and see the immediate impact it makes firsthand!

Party Types

Bars / Clubs100%
Kids Parties100%
Adults Parties100%
Events Booking100%

Types of Games

VR Competition Games100%
Kids Adventure Games100%
Scary Fun Horror Games100%
Adrenaline Rush! Games100%

Everyone roars with laughter at our VR parties!

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